Comfort Zones

Updated: Feb 28

"Stretching the boundaries of everyday life is important."

I love being home in my space - in my world. Tomorrow, I’m taking a journey, going on an adventure and will be far from everything familiar. It’s a pull to go – I can’t get excited until I’m far away and into the next environment. Traveling pushes me past my comfort zone.

Stretching the boundaries of everyday life is important. Otherwise we shrink inside ourselves - start to shrivel and dry up. Life is expansion – until it’s not. Continually let go of what holds you back. Keep opening up and releasing what no longer serves you. Find a way to pull yourself back to center – back to peace.

Each moment is a chance to be authentic – to show up with warmth that emanates from a contented soul. Having integrity allows you to walk the line of giving and self-care. We must guard our thoughts from stories that want to keep us down. Look for the light – it’s always there. Home is a heartbeat away.

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